Removing Transuranic (TRU) waste from U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) facilities in Oak Ridge, Tennessee is important for our community; it is important in keeping commitments to the State of Tennessee; it is important for the DOE Headquarters and credibility with Congress and taxpayers.

DOE established the TRU Waste Processing Center (TWPC) as a regional center for the management, treatment, packaging and shipment of DOE TRU waste legacy inventory. TWPC is also responsible for managing and treating Low Level and Mixed Low Level Waste generated at ORNL. TWPC is operated by North Wind Solutions, LLC under contract to the DOE’s Oak Ridge Office.  North Wind is a small business leader in the environmental, engineering, construction, and technical consulting industries. Our wide-ranging capabilities allow us to self-perform nearly all aspects of any given work scope, providing our customers with significant cost savings.

TWPC is a highly experienced team committed to continuous improvement, attention to detail, working in a safe and efficient manner, and maintaining a safety conscious work environment.

TWPC is Committed to Continuous Improvement

TWPC is committed to an ongoing process of organizational self-discovery, self-improvement and maintenance of the improved condition. Working level employees have been selected as Champions of Excellence in various disciplines to assist in identifying opportunities for improvements in processes, programs and activities. They participate on Continuous Improvement Teams to evaluate, develop and implement changes that will enhance TWPC’s safety, production, and efficiency, and enhances customer satisfaction. Continuous Improvement is an “all hands” activity at TWPC.