Our vision is to be recognized as the DOE’s safest and most efficient nuclear waste processing facility and to be acknowledged for our environmental excellence and a central component on the Department of Energy Oak Ridge Clean Up program.


Our mission is to treat, package and ship TRU waste for disposal safely, compliantly, and efficiently. We also strive to bring innovations for more efficient clean up progress and reduction of lifecycle costs and improvements in schedule in order to deliver better value for taxpayers.

Strategic Mission Objectives

  1. Meet American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Project Commitments.
  2. Meet the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Site Treatment Plan.
  3. Milestones in treating, packaging, and shipping contact handled (CH) and remote handled (RH) waste.
  4. Meet Environmental, Safety, Health and Quality Goals. Meet Performance Measurement Baseline.
  5. Foster a Continually Improving Organization.
  6. Meet Contract Requirements and satisfy our client.
  7. Demonstrate and communicate performance that earns DOE and community recognition.
  8. Continually develop TWPC Staff to improve operations and to provide opportunities for employee advancement.